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Interested in a sprang frame? Two North American companies now make the frames that Carol uses in her classes. For information contact Purrington Looms or Dewberry Ridge. Purrington offers looms in a variety of different woods, from ‘whitewood’ to oak and cherry. Dewberry has very nice fasteners on their frames.

June 28 – July 1, Carol will be in Victoria, British Columbia, attending the Treadle Lightly Conference, teaching fingerweaving and sprang.

July 27 – 30, 2017 Carol will be in Durango, Colorado, teaching at the Intermountain Weavers Conference.


Carol is a member of

GRASAC, Great Lakes Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Arts & Cultures

CIETA. Centre International d’Etude des Textiles Anciens

Textile Society of America


Where has Carol been?

May 4 – 6, 2017, Carol was in Regina for the Regina Weavers & Spinners Retreat, giving the keynote address, as well as a workshop on sprang.

April, 2017, Carol was in Colorado, teaching in Montrose, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

February, 2017, Lacis Lace Museum in Berkeley hosted Carol’s sprang class. She then travelled on to visit handweavers in Aptos, Woodside, and the RedCoastArtsandCrafts Center in Whitethorn, CA.

November, 2016, Carol was in Berlin, Germany, working for the Deutsches Archaeologisches Institute, helping them with research into some 3000 year old belts, check out their website:

October 2016, Carol attended the meeting of the Textile Society of America in Savannah, Georgia

August 1-6 Carol was in Milwaukee, attending HGA’s Convergence. A pair of her leggings were featured in the fashion show.

July 24-30 Carol was in Tacoma, Washington, participating in Braids 2016. She gave a keynote address as well as taught a class on sprang.

In June, Carol attended the Pre-Columbian Textiles conference at the Centre for Textile Research in Copenhagen, Denmark. Look for her talk in the proceedings of that meeting to be published later this Summer. Carol also attended an international Sprang Conference in Fetsund, just outside Oslo, Norway.

In May 2016 Carol re-visited weavers in Santa Cruz and Cleveland. She also taught in Youngstown, Ohio.

March & April, 2016, Carol toured New Zealand, thanks to assistance from Creative Fibre New Zealand. She visited Taupo, Wellington, Mosgiel, Ashburton, Christchurch, Auckland, Mt Mauganui, and Whakatane.

February 2016, Carol gave a public lecture the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley, California. While there, she also taught a class, introducing students to sprang.

February 2016, Carol was the featured speaker at a meeting of the Santa Cruz Handweavers, talking on the subject of fingerweaving and sprang. She then taught classes in these braiding techniques.

November 2015, Carol visited Poland, more specifically the University of Warsaw, Department of Archaeology. Hosted by colleague Agata Ulanowska, she was the keynote speaker at the Annual Report Conference of the Institute of Archaeology. She presented information on the subject of her experimental sprang reconstructions and lead workshops for a hands-on introduction to sprang.

November 2015, Textiles of the Nile Valley Conference was held in Antwerp, Belgium, sponsored by Katoen Natie. Carol and her colleauge Fabien Medard presented a paper outlining a project they undertook to replicate a sprang bonnet.

November 2015, the Agricultural History Society of Ireland in Dublin organized a symposium around the theme Textiles and Fibres Through Time. Carol presented on the subject of sprang.

September, 2015, Carol presented a paper on the subject of North American Sashes at the CIETA conference in Berlin

August 2015, Carol attended the Grand Portage Rendez Vous in Minnesota, instructing participants in a textile method, known to the Ojibwa, and described by Frances Densmore in her book Chippewa Customs.

July 2015, The Intermountain Weavers Conference was held in Durango, Colorado, and Carol taught a three-day class in sprang. Afterwards, Carol toured Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, and Bandolier National Parks.

June 2015, Carol taught at the Midwest Weavers Conference, held in St Paul, Minnesota.

May 2015, Carol attended the Weaving History Conference in Clayton, New York, indeed she gave the Keynote Address. She also attended the TNNA conference in Columbus, OH

In April 2015, Carol taught textile design students at BathSpa University in Bath, England

In March 2015, Carol completed a copy of a lacy cotton sprang shirt. Carol and expert spinner Louie Garcia donated the replica to the Arizona State Museum. While in Arizona, Carol taught several groups the finer things of sprang.

January 2015, Carol was in Fort Langley, BC. She taught classes in Fingerweaving to Weavers Guilds in Richmond and Langley, BC. She also taught a class to a group of Métis in Courtney BC, and toured the lovely Denman Island, visiting with the weavers and quilters there. On the way home, Carol stopped in to teach a 3-day class at Fort Edmonton, in Edmonton, Alberta.


November 2014, Carol was at the Fourvière Musée Gallo-Romain in Lyon, France where she presented information on the method of construction of sprang bonnets, and provided the opportunity to those in attendance for hands-on practice of this amazing technique.

October 2014

Carol attended the Early Textile Study Group Conference, University College, London, presenting a paper with Dagmar Drinkler on the subject of tight fitting clothing in antiquity.

Carol provided workshops in the UK in Cambridge, Aldebourne, and at the London Knit & Stitch Show, Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor, Belgium, and in The Hague, Netherlands.

September 2014

Manitoba Fibre Festival, Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 2014

Handweavers Guild of America where Carol taught classes in Finger Weaving and Sprang. Two of Carol’s sprang vests were featured in the fashion show.

June 2014

Carol attended the GRASAC conference in Brantford, Ontario.

May 2014

Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado

The Recycled Lamb, Golden, Colorado

The Espinola Valley Fiber Arts Center, Espinola, New Mexico

April 2014

Arizona State Museum, Tucson, Arizona

Fibers Through Time in Tucson, Arizona, April 24-26,

March 2014

Vth Purpureae Vestes International Symposium in Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

Belgium, Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor

February, 2014

New Mexico,  visiting with Espinola Valley Fiber Arts Center, and Albuquerque Handspinners and Weavers

November, 2013

Paris, France, Musée Quai Branly, attended the VI International Conference on Indigenous Textiles of the Americas, Nov 29-30

Krefeld, Germany, Textile Museum, examined Coptic bonnets

The Hague, Netherlands, Taught a class in finger weaving

Antwerp, Belgium, Saw sprang articles in the collection of the ModeMuseum, as well as the Katoen Natie collection of textiles. She taught a class on fingerweaving in a town near Antwerp.

Brussels, Belgium, Viewed an extensive collection of military sashes at the Musee Royal de lArmée et d’Histoire Militaire

Viewed a large collection of samplers, collars, cuffs, and socks all in sprang at the Royal Museum of Art and History.


October, 2013

Leichester, UK, Attended the 20th annual AGM of the Braid Society

Devon, UK, Taught a class in sprang for the Devon Weavers

Check out  the Devon Weaver’s Newsletter article on the class

Oxford, UK, Viewed fingerwoven items in the collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum

Aldebourne, UK, Taught a class in sprang for the local guild

London, UK. Viewed sprang caps in the collection of the Petrie Museum


Lyon, France

CIETA biennial congress


September 2013

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Taught a class in sprang for the Peace Country Weavers


August 2013

Grand Portage, Minnesota, USA, Attended the annual Grand Rendez-Vous at Grand Portage National Monument


July 2013

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Visited the collection of the Manitoba Museum


June 2013

Olds, Alberta, Canada, Taught classes at Olds College during Fibre Week 2013


Washington, DC

Visited George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Handing over the replica that I made of the Washington-Braddock sash


Alexandria, Virginia, visited the Torpedo Factory Arts Center

Richmond, Virginia, spoke with the Richmond Weavers


May 2013


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Taught a class on sprang at the Textile Center in Minneapolis

Saw sashes in the collection of Historic Fort Snelling in St Paul, Minnesota.


Cleveland, Ohio

Spoke to the Cleveland Spinners Guild, taught a class on sprang.


Rochester, New York

Spoke about sprang to the Rochester weavers


Clayton, New York

Textile History Museum and Thousand Islands Arts Center

Taught a class and gave a presentation on sprang at the annual Weaving History Conference


Columbus, Ohio

Examined textile fragments in the collection of the Ohio Historical Society


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Craft Talk on the subject of sprang, and the making of the replica sash for George Washington’s Mount Vernon

sponsored by the Manitoba Craft Council


March, 2013

Lynn Lake, Manitoba

Taught classes in fingerweaving


January 2013

Carol’s tunic took 2nd prize at the Cleveland Museum of Art Project Tunic


Earlier travels

Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

Lundy’s Lane Museum, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

Rochester Museum and Science Center, Rochester, New York

Musée Guimet, Lyon, France

Musée des Textiles, Lyon, France


Textile Society of America meetings

Washington, DC, 2012

Lincoln, Nebraska, 2010


Handweavers Guild of America Convergence

Long Beach, California 2012

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2010

Tampa, Florida 2008