Hello World

Halfway through my weaving project, I’ve been encouraged to post a blog, to help keep the world posted on my project.

I’ve set out to make a set of sash samples using the fingerweaving technique, representing the variety possible within this technique. There will be 8 samples in all, based on actual sashes found in museum collections across North America. Each sample will be aprox 18 inches (35 cm) long. The samples will be handed over to the Manitoba Museum. The project is supported by Manitoba Artists in Healthcare, and Manitoba Culture, Heritage, and Tourism.

I started in November, 2007. I have completed 3 of the pieces, and am working on number 4.

Here’s number one, from November, 2007. It’s a ‘W Pattern’. A Rindisbacher painting of life in the Red River Settlement depicts a M├ętis man probably wearing a sash of this pattern.

First sample, the W Pattern

Number 2 was woven during the month of December, 2007. This piece is based on a sash in the Manitoba Museum collection, a classic ‘Long Flame’ pattern.

2nd of eight, a classic 'Long Flame' pattern

The third swatch is the ‘bias weave’ or ‘oblique’ method. White beads create the pattern.3rd of eight samples

The fourth sample is known as the double arrowhead.

Fourth of eight samples done for this project

These samples are all woven with a fine 2/8 worsted wool. I respun to tighten the twist, to help the wool stand up to the fingerweaving process.

Tomorrow, March 3, I will visit Friesen’s Press, to watch the pages of my book roll through the presses.

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