Sprang again

That bit of sprang that I started for the Viking Weekend in July 2008 has been sitting there, calling to me. So I finally finished it.

Sprang from tabletwoven weft

Sprang from tabletwoven weft

Having learned from this experience, I’d do the next one a bit differently. The tablet woven band was wider where I left the weft for the sprang, and tightened up when I began weaving them separately for the ties. Next time I’d have two wefts going while I’m leaving off lengths for the sprang. I’d have one weft of a very fine thread (to hold the tablet weaving tight, and a second one to be shooting from one band to the other, making the warp for the sprang.

Joining the two tabletwoven bands at the back of the neck was another challenge. I am thinking that that fine weft would also help me to make this join.

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