January 2009

December was spent on a list of personal and family projects. I worked on some woven rugs I promised myself long ago. I am finishing a sweater I promised my husband a while back. And I dabbled in twining and tablet weaving.

January 2009 has been jam-packed with activity.

For those of you eager for fingerweaving instruction, I’ve hired someone to help, he’s filming for a DVD. Hopefully it will be out soon.

As well, I’m working on that french translation of the book Fingerweaving Untangled. Perhaps by May 2009.

Test pieces for another sash were created and submitted to the individual offering the commission. The next sash will feature two arrows on a red field.
samples for the next commissioned work

Following tips given to me by other weavers, I’m using rug warp from Halcyon yarns, hand dyed to just the right color.

I made a presentation to the board of directors of Manitoba Artists in Heathcare, outlining my work representing the organization in the St Boniface General Hospital. Everyone entering a health care facility has a ‘right’ to feel stressed. Matters of life and death are common place there. It is my conviction that every corner of the facility must needs be equipped with ’stress reducing’ and ’stress absorbing’ resources. I see my weaving as my contribution to Artists in Healthcare attempting to help fulfill this requirement.

To top it off I’ve been working with area schools to teach children the basics of fingerweaving. Angus McKay, Ste Agathe, Steinbach, and Bruce Middle School have all provided me with most eager students. Each one completed a friendship bracelet of one sort or another. The lovely thing about fibers is that there is no ‘bad’ way of doing things, only different manner of individual expression.

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