Square Dance Cording

We’re in the last stages of preparing that World Premiere of the SashWeaving Square Dance. The latest challenge has been finding a cord that is both supple and thick enough to be seen from across the hall. Rope of the right size is too stiff. What I finally came up with is the idea to ply many strands of wool together. I’ve purchased a ‘chunky’ yarn and measured out bunches of 8 strands, and wound them into a ball. Then I twisted 8 strands together, doubled it over, plying it with another 8 strands to make a very fat cord. We’ll practice tonight with these new cords and I’ll let you know how it’s going.

twisting eight strands together

twisting eight strands together

My spinning wheel does not have an orifice large enough for this much wool to pass at one time. Where is the walking wheel when I need it! Sometimes technology is not an advantage. I ended up working with my Navaho spindle.

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