Rupertsland Colloquium 2010

The University of Winnipeg hosted the Rupertsland Colloquium this year. I presented information on the subject of sprang, why it should be of interest to individuals interested in this time period, what sprang looks like, how it is made.
As at the last Colloquium, held in Rocky Mountain House in 2008, I met many interesting people, learned lots about this interesting period in Canadian history. This time around I gained a greater appreciation for the traditional west coast tradition of Potlach. Misunderstanding this tradition and European rules of trade clashed spectacularly, resulting in disaster for the Native Americans.

I also introduced several people to ‘sprang’, the technique in military sashes of the time period, also a textile technique known to some Native Americans.
Meeting up with Virginia Barter of the M├ętis Artists’ Collective. Through her assistance I am hoping to be able to bring fingerweaving to Toronto in mid-June.

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