Sprang garment

Challenged myself recently to make a garment using the sprang technique. Using an egyptian cotton I began with a very large rectangular shape, working from hem to hem.

At about armpit level I added warp to allow for sleeves. Yes the work was very wide at that point. I worked from right to left in sections, each tied off with a safety cord.

Sprang t shape

Sprang garment takes shape

I left a slit for the neck, and finished with a safety cord that goes from wrist to wrist, across the back of the neck.

The finished garment was worn, seen by many at the Handweavers Guild of America Convergence in Albuquerque.

Sprang Sweater, June 2010

Sprang Sweater

At Congergence I kept hearing about the ‘Ancient One’s Shirt’.¬†Finally tracked it down on the net.

You can view it at
Based on images of this garment, I’ve spent the last two days working out the pattern.
I’ve now created a scarf, playing with the design.

Linen sprang scarf

Inspired by Ancient Design

While at Convergence I saw the perfect frame for smaller sprang projects. It’s called ‘Loom in a Tube’ from Rebecca Smith. She sells a set of plumbing pipes that fit together to make the frame. Adjustment as the cloth grows and shrinks are easily made with threaded pipe and screws.¬†Check it out at http://www.loominatube.com/

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