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I’ve been working these past several months researching the subject of sprang, looking for North American examples, and have found plenty. More recently I’ve put nose to the grindstone, and have been working on a how-to book. My goal is to produce something similar to Fingerweaving Untangled. That is to say, I’m creating the step-by-step drawings, and taking detailed photos. Every time a thread is moved, another image is required. I’m working on the book that I wish I had when I was trying to figure out how to ‘sprang’.
I’ve heard tell of many examples of sprang from coptic excavations, from danish bogs, eastern Europe, and the like. I’d like to firmly root my book in the North American experience.
Things like the ‘no frame’ method will definitely be covered. There is evidence that this is the method used by early North American residents. Simple frames will also be featured. I’ll cover a basic list of patterns, monochrome, stripes, how to get the colors to move diagonally. I’ll also include patterns made on the surface by playing with S and Z (of course and explanation of S and Z themselves), patterns made by creating holes, and the like. Any special requests out there?
Well on the way with a set of basic drawings and instructions already done, I’m hoping to have this book off the press and ready for distribution by April 2011.

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  1. I am still working on my book. I hope it will be published in May. The book will have lots of pictures. The words are ‘supplementary’ and I think that the pictures will tell most of the story.
    A section will give tips for making frames or looms, again with lots of pictures.
    Where to get viscose and silk?
    In Canada:
    Treenway silk
    Maurice Brassard
    In the US:
    the Lone Star Loom Room

    Please give me your contact information, send to carol@sashweaver.ca, so I can tell you when the book comes out.

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