Aboriginal Day at the Forks

Today was Aboriginal Day at the Forks. The St Boniface Museum had invited me to provide my ‘Sash Weaving Dance’ activity. Several groups of twelve participated, working together to weave threads suspended from the roof of the tent.

SashWeaving Dance

The activity took place inside the museum tent.

Number one goes first

Each participant in turn walks down the aisle.


shift the shed

The weaving happens overhead

Meanwhile I’ve been working on another idea for sprang socks. Noting that there is a difference in yarn uptake between interlinking and interlacing, I’ve decided to use this to create a bulge for a heel. I set up a long warp, and attached it to a door.

weaving on a door frame

the 'no frame' method, attached to a door

Later, as the weaving progressed and the who thing became shorter, I attached it to a wall hook and sat at my work.

No frame method, seated

the sock is almost finished

Here are the finished socks, one a mirror image of the other:

sprang socks

Interlinking Sprang socks with an interlaced heel

These socks were completed in a single afternoon, lots quicker than I could have knit them.

Now, I am thinking that the stitching at the heel is rather loose and open. If I take a darning needle and work another thread over and under, following the path of the threads in that interlacing at the heel, I’ll have a nicely reinforced heel.

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