Sprang Sock again

Last week I made a pair of sprang socks in a single afternoon … see my last entry.
The socks were made, two at the same time, without a frame, hooking my warp up on my kitchen door. I used an interlinking stitch, with the looser interlacing stitch at the heel. This gave me a sock that bent around the heel area, but the heel looked rather open, vulnerable to wear. I speculated about darning in the open spaces. That’s what I did, using the same thread. Here’s the photo:

Sprang socks, darned  interlaced heel

Reinforced heel on a sprang sock

I’m a bit concerned that the reinforcement has caused extra stress just above and below the heel patch. Hmmm, maybe I should use a finer thread for the reinforcement.

I still prefer the ‘short row heel’ that I discussed earlier.

My book is progressing. I’m hoping to have galleys by the end of the week.

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