Green sprang hat

It’s minus 14 outside today, and there’s a fresh blanket of snow. Time for serious winter clothes.
I set me a figure-8 warp, 30 inches long (70cm) and wove until it met at the middle. OK, I added some S and Z design to keep things interesting.

figure-8 warp, sprang

Figure-8 warp sprang

I chained across the meeting line.

chaining across green hat

chaining across the center join line

The loop ends were gathered together, and I sewed the whole thing into a long tube or football shape.
sewing up the sideCheck to prevent the needle from snagging the back side of the hat
sewing up, check for errors

sewing up the side

One end of the ‘football’ was tucked into the other end.
tuck one side into the other for a hat

Tuck one end into the other to form a really warm, double-walled hat

The finished hat!
green hat

the green hat

Green Sprang Hat

Double-walled sprang hat

5 thoughts on “Green sprang hat

  1. I just started working sprang, and i wondered how many wraps your hat was? 100 or so? I dont have enough experience to guess… 🙁 your hat is awesome! I wanted to make a sprang hat similar, but onky one layer. I am an experienced crocheter, snd want to make the sprag, close one end, seam the “tube” and crochet a brim on the ither end. I dont think it will be difficult, but i dont have any idea how many wraps/ thread pairs are enough… can you help?

    • By my records, it was 134 loops, and I used a thicker yarn.
      There are ‘patterns’ in my book titled Sprang Unsprung.
      Let me know how it goes.

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