End of the year projects

Been working on a variety of projects.
Made a couple of variations of an intertwined bag.

Intertwined bag 2

Intertwined bag with red and green stripes

Intertwined bag, drawstring

Intertwined bag, the loops carry the drawstring

Intertwined bag 3

The same sort of bag, but in silk

Now these bags are sprang bags. They come from a figure-8 warp, the join line is the bottom of the bag. They were worked in intertwining rather than interlinking. Not as stretchy as interlinking but attractive in their own way.
Also made a couple more hats. Here are two hats, one has twice the number of threads. One is sort of a hair net, the other, is much more like a tam, both made from the same skein of red sock yarn.
Red Tam 1

The red hair net

Red tam 2

The second hat, using more threads

Now, freshly ‘spranged’ they always curl up funny. Do not let this discourage you. Blocking is easily done, and remedies the curling when you’ve used natural fibers.
freshly spranged hat

Fresh sprang always wants to curl.

This is remedied by blocking. I soaked the hat, and then stretched it around a kitchen bowl.
hat blocking

Red hat being blocked around a bowl

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