January Experiments

I recently finished up another of those silk officer sashes.

Silk Sash Finished

Silk Sash Finished

I’ve been experimenting with different types of silk. Reeled silk is best because the fibers are nice and long. I’ve found that silk cording gives a better look, and probably better wear. Original silk sashes that I have examined seem to be composed of several very fine strands all worked as one. I tried doing just that and found the ‘hand’ of the results to be quite lovely. Working with multiple strands, keeping them all in their proper bunches was a bit of a headache, made the weaving go lots slower.

In other news, a researcher dealing with a mummie and associated textiles has got me playing with that 3-3 interlacing. The mummie cloth had the arrows in the cloth going sideways to the way I usually do the 3-3 interlacing. So I set me up a warp and had a good look at my 3-3 interlacing, and worked the new warp sideways. Now something niggled in my brain, and I went back to Collingwood. Sure enough Collingwood describes ‘horizontal ribs’ as well as ‘vertical ribs’. Here are my trial pieces, done in free-end braiding:

3-3 Interlacing, two ways

3-3 Interlacing, horizontal and vertical ribs

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