Sprang Rainbow Sweater

A moment of weakness in a local yarn shop had me purchasing a skein of lace weight silk&baby camel. Marrakesh is the name on the skein, Swiss Mountain Silk. I’ve made it up into two of scarfs for exhibit purposes.

Rainbow scarf, wool hat, cotton bag

Rainbow scarf in an exhibit set

I still had quite a bit of yarn left and did some math. Calculations indicated that perhaps I could make the rest of the skein into a vest. Voila the results.
rainbow skein, sweater material

Circular warp cloth

rainbow sweater

Sprang Rainbow Sweater

That circular warp cloth that I made folds in half to make a vest. OK, a couple of confessions. Firstly the yarn was a bit fuzzy. I slathered it with sizing to facilitate shoving the shed around. Secondly, that neck hole …. I wove the piece of cloth, and then cut two threads at the very middle, and unravelled six inches in either direction. Cutting two threads meant that I could tie them together at the base of the V-neckline in front and in back. Thirdly, this vest is a rather petite adult size. For myself I’d like it a bit longer and wider. To make a sweater to fit me, I’m thinking I’m going to have to create a skein that is a bit longer in circumference than your standard skein, and rainbow dye it myself.

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