Festival 2012

I set up my 4-harness loom for this year’s Festival. We’re commemorating the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Selkirk Settlers. They attempted to build an income spinning the hair of bison and weaving it into cloth. The local weavers guild agreed to help me weave brown cloth. I set up my loom.

loom setup

setting up the loom to weave 'bison colored' wool

Meanwhile outside they were preparing the snow sculptures.
snow sculptures 2012

creating snow sculptures

This woman came to see me. She learned fingerweaving from my book. She’s also made herself a sprang hat.
She said she made it in strips, and sewed them together.
multicolored sprang hat

Multi colored sprang hat to match the fingerwoven scarf

She wove the strips for about 4 inches, then began tying the strings off in pairs, hiding the knots inside the hat. This created the ‘decrease’. Remaining strings formed the tassel.
colored sprang hat, rear view

Another view of that hat

She was very pleased with the way you can make a perfectly invisible seam.
I find her work ingenius, and really like this hat!

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