sprang socks

Quite a while ago I started a pair of socks. The warp’s been hanging off the backside of my kitchen door, waiting while other more pressing projects have attracted my attention.
Now it’s time to finish those socks.

Red socks #2

Sprang socks with decorative pattern

Now, sprang is quite elastic, but not so elastic that the same tube allows for my ankles as well as for my calfs. Once finished, I confess, I ‘unwove’ a thread at the back, and inserted a ‘gusset’ of more threads.
sprang socks, back

The 'V' at the back is the evidence of the added threads, creating the gusset.

The socks were finished off by tying the threads in bunches of four. I am quite impressed that there is no need for elastic. The socks stay up just fine without elastic at the top

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