tablet weaving and sprang

I’ve heard of pieces of sprang cloth that start out as warp set between two pieces of tablet weaving, and wanted to try it myself. I started two pieces of tablet weaving and then solicited help from a friend. We sat at my table and each of us worked on one of the bits of tablet weaving. As we worked we passes another weft, a plum-colored silk, back and forth across the five-and-a-half feet that separated us.

tablet weaving the sprang warp

tablet weaving holds the warp for sprang

Keeping the tension even on the plum colored warp was a bit of a trick. We tried several things. What seemed to work best was a combination of supporting the threads in the middle, and attaching a rod (knitting needle) on the outside edge of the tablet weaving to hold the plum colored threads evenly.

Here’s the tablet weaving up close:

tablet woven edge

tablet woven edge for sprang

The tablet weaving completed, I hung it on my sprang frame and ‘spranged’ it. Yes, it was a bit of a reach at first. I worked each row in sections, and used a long dowel to hold each row. Each row was then shifted down towards the lower tablet-woven band.

working the shirt

weaving the tabletwoven warp

Now I’ll have to get someone to photograph me in my new sprang shirt!

One thought on “tablet weaving and sprang

  1. Yes please! I’d love to see the shirt!
    I just bought your Sprang book and I’m thrilled with how clear it is and with the great photographs! I’m a card weaver and am particularly interested in combining Sprang with card weaving. Great blog entry!

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