British Columbia trip

So here I am in Vancouver, British Columbia.
My husband is attending a conference at UBC, and I’m tagging along.
The drive out was long, but the scenery was lovely.
Starting out in the prairies

Canadian Prairies

the Canadian Prairie flatland from the car window

Finally on day two we started to see the Rocky Mountains.
the mountains around Golden, Alberta

the view around Golden, Alberta

How long did it take? Well I had time to weave a sock. The sock was started at home, only the toe complete. By the time we made it to Kamloops it was up to my knee.
weaving in the car

The visor is an ideal location to attach the sock for weaving.

And here’s the view out my window at the University of British Columbia.
UBC campus view

UBC campus and the Burrard Inlet

This afternoon I was the guest speaker for the Vancouver Handweavers and Spinners, spreading the good news of sprang. Thanks to the VHS for such a warm reception, hope to visit you again.

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