Silk Sprang Sash as a Litter

I made a silk sprang sash earlier this year for a military re-enactor. Officer of higher ranks had sashes were made of silk, a very strong fiber. Now there are stories out there about people being carried on sashes. It seems that a person injured on the field could be carried back to camp on the sash. A client earlier this year requested a sash wide enough and long enough to try this out.
So I made this sash, and then encouraged him to try it out, and send me photos. I even promised to replace the sash, should it not hold up to the claim.
He has now sent me photos of the event:

Sash trial 1

The sash was placed on the ground, and the subject sat on the sash.

Sash trial the lift

Four of his friends lifted him off the ground on the sash. 

Sash Trial lift 2

The people at head and foot bear most of the weight. The people on the sides keep the sash stretched laterally. I think I’d recommend another two people to distribute the weight a bit more. 

I was assured that the sash was not at all damaged by this test. The sash was seven feet long, and eight inches wide lying on the ground. When the sash was stretched laterally to support the full width of the body, it shortened a bit. I was told that another two feet of length (and probably a bit more width) would be desireable. I hear that the Braddock sash is 24 inches wide and 12 feet long, a very nice size for a litter.

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