Braids 2012

Manchester UK was the site of the 2nd International Braiding Conference. It was an amazing opportunity to meet top experts from a variety of braiding techniques. I attended Joy Boutrup’s class on loop manipulated braids, and made several myself.

Loop Manipulated Braids

Some of the loop manipulated braids I made during the class.

Simple braids can be made by one person. We learned how to work together making even more complex braids.

Multiple partner loop braids

More people means more fingers, holding more loops, making a more complex braid.

It was then my turn to teach sprang.

Braids sprang class

We explored figure-8 and circular warp.

We spent a day at Macclesfield, learning about the English silk industry. I also visited Platt Hall and the Stockport Hat Museum. Very interesting.
On to Lyon where I was treated to backroom tours of the Guimet Museum and the Textile Museum. I was priveleged to view some sprang bonnets associated with mummies in these collections. I am going to have to set aside some time now to try to replicate some of the designs.
Presently I am in Bern, on my way to visit the Abegg Stiftung.

Bern, capitol of Switzerland

The reason Switzerland goes by the letters CH is written on this building

They call themselves the Confederated Helveticans.

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