European travels

I’ve been trying to keep up with my weaving while travelling. Luckily fingerweaving can go anywhere. Here I took a photo of myself working in my hotel room in Basel, Switzerland.

hotel room weaving

Keeping up with my weaving while away from home.

Basel, Switzerland

I visited Basel Switzerland.

I was in Basel, Switzerland in order to visit the AbeggStiftung.


The small Swiss village of Riggisberg near Basel is the home of an amazing textile collection and research center known as the AbeggStiftung.

One of the curators showed me around and let me examine a mid-asian skirt. A major component of the skirt is worked in 2-2 interlacing. Some of the pieces of 2-2 interlacing are probably 3 meters long … yes, this is possible with fingerweaving.
I made up a piece of 2-2 interlacing, using Peter Collingwood’s directions.

weaving on the train

European trains have hooks that are most conveniently placed for weaving.

I completed the sample and mailed it to the AbeggStiftung for them to compare with the original.
While in Switzerland I also visited with Noemi Speiser. I’ve been blown away by her books. Her Manual of Braiding, for example brings such order to a wide variety of structures. I had to meet her. She is a delightful character. I only hope I’m half as sharp, should I make it to her age.
On to Munich where I met with Dagmar Drinkler. Over the past two years several people have referred me to Ms Drinkler’s article from the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter. She has recreated sprang pants, following inspiration in Greek painted sculptures.
Now on to Holland where I hope to meet Blue (of denblauenswaen fame) and Fenny Nijman.

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