The Braddock Sash Project

Remember that sash I was privileged to view at George Washington’s Mount Vernon last September?


Carol at George Washinton’s Mount Vernon, examining the Braddock Sash.

Well, thanks to funding from the Winnipeg Arts Council, and the superbe cooperation of the Mount Vernon curatorial staff, and silk from Treenway’s, I’m ready to get started on a replica.

The first step is to dye the silk to the right color.
It came to me on cones. I am using an inkle loom as a frame to wind my skeins for dying.

silk skeining

Skeining the silk

Skein growing

The skein is tied in several places, trying to keep it from tangling during the dye process.

Silk needs to be thoroughly wet before dying. Here it goes into an enamel pot for 24 hours.
Soaking silk

Into the pot to soak awhile.

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