Sprang warp equality

Circular warp sprang requires a very even warp. Slight variations in tension while setting up results in slight differences in length. This warp is 15 ft long, and took almost six hours to set up. Slight variations occurred. We did take a couple of breaks for tea. I also noted weaknesses in the yarn, and some small knots. If there had to be knots in the warp, I wanted them to be all lined up in a place where the warp would be separated into the two fringes. Perhaps the pause to deal with these flaws also introduced small variations in tension and length.
At any rate, after the first few rows, I KNEW that some threads were longer than others, and these were causing all kinds of trouble.
In desperation, I went through the warp, and pulled the longer of these to the center. This resulted in what looked like a mess.

Problem correction

Evening out the length left arge loops at the center of the weaving.

Most every circular warp of any length that I have worked has had this issue to some degree (mostly a much lesser degree). In my experience this always evens out over the length of the cloth.
Indeed, over the next few rows, the loops diminished, and the unevenness worked itself out.
Imperfection diminishes

Several rows later, the imperfections loops are smaller.

Working several hours a day, after ten days, I’ve got 5.5 inches of work done, resulting in 11 inches of cloth. The unevenness in the warp has completely resolved.
Even cloth

You would not guess the problems I had a few inches ago.

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