Alpaca Tunic

I finally finished that tunic. Last December I started a tunic for that Cleveland Museum tunic project. The warp was some alpaca and silk wool from KnitPicks and proved to be quite sticky. Initially it seemed impossible to move the shed around and I abandonned this warp, in favor of a tried-and-true worsted, Mobelatta from Bockens (by way of the Lone Star Loom Room.
I’ve been thinking about that sticky warp, and how to deal with it … and succeeded.

Red alpaca tunic

The sprang tunic has amazing sideways stretch, and no vertical sag.


Close-up of the neck and armhole, and the knitted ribbing.

Close-up of the shoulder, the knitted ribbing at the neck and armhole.

I finished off the neck and armholes with a bit of knitting, otherwise it’s a sprang tunic. Peter Collingwood was right. Sprang is ideally suited to clothing.
I’ve found that the key to dealing with a sticky warp is to keep the threads well spread out. When there is sufficient space between threads, they cannot grab onto each other, and sticky is no longer a problem.

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