sprang mittens

Going through my box of samples the other day, I came upon my not-quite-finished pair of mittens.
Last November I had worked on some sprang mittens.

The interlinking stitch is quite elastic. I opted instead for an interlacing stitch hoping it would be more windproof.

sprang mittens, on the frame

mittens on the sprang frame

I used my serger and a narrow strip of reinforcing twill tape at the cutting apart step.

white and green mittens

sprang mitten exploration

It seemed that the first pair I made last October, the green pair, were too small. These alpaca wool mittens looked too big. I got to the finishing point for the white mittens, figured they were too big, would have to make a third pair, and my mind wandered off to other projects.

So, pawing through my box of stray projects last week, I had a bright idea. I put that mitten in hot soapy water and felted it down.

felted mitten

The sprang mitten took the felting process nicely.

This could be a great way to make mittens, remember you make two at the same time.

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