re-spinning for sashes

Recently I wrote an article for SpinOff magazine (Summer 2013). In it I described the technique called sprang. I shared information on making a replica of the Braddock / Washington sash. I also discussed re-spinning yarn to tighten up the twist for wool sashes. Back home after my travels, here I am, setting up to make more sashes. I have not yet found a true worsted yarn, the proper thickness for the wool sashes that I make. The solution, as discussed in SpinOff, is to tighten up the twist on my spinning wheel.

PVC wheel, respinning

My PVC spinning wheel from Babe’s is perfect for the job.

The yarn takes the extra twist better when the yarn has been weakened by soaking. It’s a messy job, creates a puddle if done inside the house. Working outside on a nice summer day is best. The twist then must be re-set using heat.

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