Fancy Pockets

I’ve examined the photos of those amazing pockets, in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg.

Williamsburg Pockets

The pockets are kept in a drawer in the archives.

I’ve been working to map out the pattern. The big clue to the pattern is the position of the holes. I copied them out on graph paper, and then derived the sprang pattern from this grid.
pocket design

The graph paper pattern

and the piece derived from this graph paper pattern looked like this:
pocket replica

The sample made following the derived pattern

I am happy with the faithfulness of my pattern to the original. What as yet escapes me is the tightness of the weave in the original. My ‘stitches’ are twice as long as the original. I think I’ve got the size of yarn right. What I need to work on is packing the stitches in much more tightly.

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