Summer Weaving 2013

I’ve created a number of military sashes this summer.

sprang sashes

A variety of sprang sashes, appropriate to the 1812 time period, have come off my frame this Summer.

The sashes with the colored stripe are wool NCO (non-commissioned officer) sashes, and were typical in the British army in the 1700s and into the early 1800s. The solid colored red sash is silk officer’s sash.

At least one of my sashes saw some action this summer.

Fort William Historical Park

Fort William Historical Park

Also completed this summer is a finger woven sash.

W sash 2013

This is what I call a ‘W Pattern’, typical they tell me, to the American plaines.

And in between, I’ve created several of these coin purses.

Misers Purse

Miser’s purse, an authentic way to keep your coins, Medieval style

Made of silk cord, they are modelled after the image in Downer’s book Nelson’s Purse, and hold quite a lot of coin.

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