Norwegian Sashes

January was spent in creating two replica sashes for the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum.

Red and yellow striped silk sash

Red and yellow striped silk sash

The sashes needed to be a tight weave. I found this was possible only with a loose warp, pushing each row firmly into the previous. Kind of tricky, the secret is to prevent loosening with the next row’s construction. Also tricky was the construction of the tassels, which are made separately, not continuous with the warp threads of the sash. They are a passementerie technique, a narrow band woven, and a supplementary weft that overshoots, and turns back on itself.

Also in the deal, I offered to make matching shako cords.

Silk cord for 1814 Norwegian officer's shako

Silk cord for 1814 Norwegian officer’s shako

The cord is a round 4-strand braid. The fleurettes are ‘plum blossom knots’ that I learned at the DongLim Museum in Seoul, Korea. The fringes are made in the same way as the fringes on the sash. I was very glad to have met up with Joy Boutrup last fall, and her suggestion to purchase Tom Hall’s book on Turks Head Knots. The pineapple knot was the thing to cover the woven band that organising the fringes.

Two sashes and two shako fringes, that’s pretty much my output for the New Year so far.

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