Spring Sprang

Spring is slow in coming here in Winnipeg. Today was a balmy above freezing temperature, but back down to below freezing tonight.

Meanwhile, I’m busy with my sprang. I’ve been busy making military sashes.

Wool NCO sash

Wool NCO sash

Silk Officer sash with geometric pattern

Silk Officer sash with geometric pattern

I’m also working on another pair of sprang leggings. These were inspired by images of Persian warriors fighting the ancient Greeks. Indeed a friend of mine is a re-enactor, who plays ‘Hoplite’ and will be going to Marathon, Greece, to re-enact the battle that made famous the practice of 23 mile runs. Yes, sprang can be ‘shaped’ and there is fair evidence that ancient Persians used the sprang technique to create form fitting clothing such as leggings and shirts. Here is my current sprang piece, destined to be leggings.

Zig-Zag pattern and shaping for a pair of leggings

Zig-Zag pattern and shaping for a pair of leggings.

The zig-zag pattern is achieved by the use of twining within a background of interlinking. For more information on sprang twining, check out my youtube videos



which give you basic instruction on twining.

Instructions for the ‘W’ pattern can be found in my book Sprang Unsprung.

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