Regina Shindig

The Saskatchewan Handweavers held a Shindig, and invited me to come, to teach sprang, and to give the Saturday evening keynote address.  The drive across the prairies was a stark contrast to the sights of earlier in the year, the giant redwoods of California, and the Rockies in Colorado.

The prairies are as difficult to photograph as the mountains and the giant trees.

The Saskatchewan handweavers asked me to teach a sprang class, and to give the Saturday evening Keynote address.

Participants in my class were eager to learn. The organizing committee hired photographer Sparkling Medusa Creative Services, Angela Reddekopp to take photos.

Thanks to Sparkling Medusa I have a photo of me, teaching. Photo by Sparkling Medusa.

Student work, the initial project. Photo by Sparkling Medusa.

Student work, exploring lace patterns, a technique to make holes in the fabric … on purpose. Photo by Sparkling Medusa

Carol’s display table, sprang items: shawls, hats, vests, socks … Photo by Sparkling Medusa

And later the next week, Jenny sent me photos of projects completed in the days following the class.

Jenny’s exploration of sprang ‘cables’

Jenny’s second sprang bag

Back to the folks in California. Janet recently posted a photo of a sprang vest she made, using her handspun cotton. Well done Janet!!!!

Janet’s handspun cotton sprang vest

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