Linen shirt

I’ve been wanting to make a sprang shirt or sweater for my husband. He says that wool is always too hot. So I found some linen yarn, and made a vest recently.

For the front, I set up a ‘false circular warp’ to make the work easier. Here is the front and back on the frame.

Front and back all finished, ready for the chain line and neck hole

First I chained from selvedge towards the middle, starting at the right side, working towards the place of the neck hole, and then starting from the left side and working to the place where I will put the neck hole. I then cut the threads across the center line, just to the front of where the chain line should be. I took photos as I formed the neck opening, cutting threads and tying knots.

The cut along a line to the front of the center line.

Knots tied around the hole

To cover up the knots, I knitted a length of i-cord covering the knots and encircling the neck hole, giving it a nice finished look. Measurements now indicated that the width was insufficient for the intended waistline … I expected that, and made side panels. This started out as a warp that was a bit shorter than the front-and-back. I made the side panels both at the same time, cut them apart, as I tied knots.

Side panels added using an invisible stitch.

Now for the sleeves … made two-at-the-same-time.

Assembly plan

But before assembling, I added ribbing to the cuffs and at the waistline.

4-needle knitting at the wrist

And then the final assembly to make a lovely sweater for him.

Finished garment front view

Finished garment side view

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