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Busy start to the month

Met with the folks from the BBC the morning of Sept 3. They are currently producing a six part series presented by Ray Mears about Canada, its history, indigenous cultures and people. Ray Mears is a Bushcraft specialist and Woodsman and the programmes will reflect this expertise as well as Ray learning new skills from… Read more »

August weaving news

While in Edmonton last week, I had the honor of examining 5 sashes that were fingerwoven in the 1800’s. Very interestingly, 3 of the 5 were strikingly similar. All of the 3 had stories consistent with having been manufactured  between 1860 and 1900, all had the same bright colored thread, and a very similar pattern…. Read more »

Edmonton workshops

Drove to Edmonton last week to give fingerweaving workshops for the folks of Fort Edmonton as well as St. Albert. Such eager and apt students! It was a pleasure to see people learn so quickly. We started out with the ‘make a friendship bracelet’ project. They quickly proceeded to other patterns, more threads: The next… Read more »

More from Folklorama

A few more photos from the Métis Pavilion at Folklorama 2008. Eager to learn to fingerweave, the ‘make a friendship bracelet’ project was very popular with the children. Basically I used the directions from page 12&13 of my book. It is a project that is easily completed in 5 minutes. I am grateful to my… Read more »

Folklorama 2008

The Pavilion Canadien-Français ran from Aug 3 to 9. Next week, Aug 10 to 17, was the Métis Pavilion. Dressed a bit differently, I gave a similar demonstration, allowing folks the pleasure of making a ‘friendship bracelet’. The project teaches the basics of fingerweaving …. straight out of my book, page 12 & 13. Booksales… Read more »

Folklorama 2008

Once again I’ve been invited to give fingerweaving demonstrations at two pavilions in the Winnipeg festival, Folklorama. Printed in the local newspaper, the Winnipeg Free Press,                      reporting on the Pavilion Canadien-français: “CULTURAL HIGH POINT: Sashmaker Carol James and her student show how a ceinture fléchée is made with intricate finger-weaving.” On display at Folklorama you… Read more »

Sample Set is Complete

I finished the last fringe on those 8 samples I’ve been making for the Manitoba Museum. This project has been sponsored by Manitoba Culture Heritage and Tourism, by Manitoba Artists in Healthcare, and by the St Boniface General Hospital. They were woven using a fine 2/8 worsted wool (with one exception). I’ve been working on… Read more »

Old Fort William

July 8 I travelled to Atikokan, Ontario, and Quetico Provincial Park. A lovely place, breathtaking scenery, I was treated to an amazing tour by Val Fraser. Val showed me a sash that had been found in the area, a lovely example of 19th century work. Old Fort William in Thunder Bay was the site of… Read more »