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Arpil plans

I’ve got a photo of me from last month, completing work on the oblique-style sash sample. Currently I’m weaving the Assomption swatch. It’s reached 12 inches in length, 60% done. And there’s a photo if it, too. I will be attending the Artisans Market at Fort Whyte Alive on April 5 & 6. The Advanced… Read more »

Book Reviews

Dr. Katherine Pettipas, Curator, The Manitoba Museum writes: This publication is welcome addition to the literature on the ancient craft of finger weaving. Carol James, an accomplished Winnipeg weaver and teacher, has dedicated over 20 years to the art. Her knowledge and sash reproductions are based on the detailed study of historical artifacts that are… Read more »

About the book

I’ve been teaching fingerweaving for some time now. My students have encouraged me to publish the ‘handouts’ in book form. It was a small project that really got out of hand. It’s now a full color 64 page book, entitled Fingerweaving Untangled, an illustrated beginner’s guide, including detailed patterns and common mistakes. The book provides… Read more »

Book Launch

So the trip to Friesen’s Printing was amazing. I watched the pages roll through the presses. How I love to see machines work. And it was my book they were printing! A few days later 16 boxes were delivered to my house, taking up a whole corner of my work room. So now I’m needing… Read more »

Not yet

McNally Robinson Booksellers has a box of my books, and have been selling them to people in their stores. Unfortuantely it does not look like it on their website. I mentionned this to my contact at McNally’s. She said that because it’s a self-published book, it does not go up automatically, but she will check… Read more »

Hello World

Halfway through my weaving project, I’ve been encouraged to post a blog, to help keep the world posted on my project. I’ve set out to make a set of sash samples using the fingerweaving technique, representing the variety possible within this technique. There will be 8 samples in all, based on actual sashes found in… Read more »