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What’s on my loom

Taking inspiration from the local weavers group, I wove a cotton blanket for my niece. I used the kind of commercial stuff you use to knit dishcloths. I figure it will be cool and soft for the baby, as well as quite absorbent. I gave the blanket a wash, and was not pleased with the… Read more »

Weavers Sprang Tutorial

I’ve been developing a simple sprang tutorial. I tested it out on the Manitoba Weavers and Fiber Artists last night. Trying to break down the technique to its most simple form, I gave them twelve strings and an illustrated how-to printout. They did succeed at creating their samples within 20 minutes time, however I also… Read more »

Rupertsland Colloquium 2010

The University of Winnipeg hosted the Rupertsland Colloquium this year. I presented information on the subject of sprang, why it should be of interest to individuals interested in this time period, what sprang looks like, how it is made. As at the last Colloquium, held in Rocky Mountain House in 2008, I met many interesting… Read more »

Sprang bag

I’ve been doing some sprang lately. A pair of wooden handles gave me the idea. The fingerweaving class is progressing very well. Five women have progressed to the flame pattern. Today we were joined by members of the group that meet monthly at the St Boniface Museum.


My husband had reason to visit Montreal at the end of April, and I went along too. I arranged to visit with the curator of the McCord Museum, Cynthia Cooper. Thanks to the instigation of members of the Braid Society and Michelle Beauvais, the McCord Museum is considering an in-depth inventory of their sash collection…. Read more »


I’ve been spranging quite a bit lately. First of all there are more than a dozen wool sprang sergeant sashes on order. For another I’ve been experimenting with patterns, doubles on row A, doubles on row B, as in the piece on the left below. I’ve been playing with S and Z twist, in the… Read more »

March lions

So, what have I been up to. My nephew got married in Omaha last Friday. While in the Omaha area, I took the time to drive on down to Lincoln, Ne, to speak with the folks at the Nebraska Historical Society. They had a doll from the Red Cloud reservation with an interesting belt, and… Read more »

Habitat help

Last November, in a moment of weakness, I promised a piece to the local Habitat for Humanity for a fundraiser. The deal is that artists can have $20 worth of stuff from the ‘ReStore’. The artist is to use this material to create an ‘artpiece’ and then donate it to the local Habitat for Humanity… Read more »