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sash weaving setup ideas

The classic method for finger weaving is that you attaching the work to a nail in the wall, and tie the lower end to your chairleg. Many people describe their circumstances to me, where putting a nail in the wall is NOT permitted. This might just be the solution: A new weaver sends me this… Read more »

more photos from Festival 2010

The snow sculptures look great, especially at night with the lights from the tents. Some visitors to the Festival du Voyageur sport fingerwoven sashes. These women made their own

French Media report

For those who understand French I was interviewed last October by Radio Canada (the French CBC) concerning the fingerweaving dance, la p’chit dawnse. Have a listen to the interview:

la p’chit dawnse

Another day at Festival du Voyageur. Again this year on Louis Riel Day I was invited to give a fingerweaving workshop. As is my custom, attempting to convey the method to people, I have them ‘dance’ the movements. It works very well with nylon ropes They then each made a ‘friendship bracelet’. Meanwhile, outside in… Read more »


Winnipeg’s Winter festival is getting started. This is what we do with snow: we carve it. This winter festival centers around the establishment of European colonies here and the fur trade. Truckers of the day paddled canoes, and carried trade goods overland between waterways. The arrow sash, or ‘ceinture fleche’ was part of the dress…. Read more »

HGA Convergence exhibitions

I’ve sent off a couple of things to the HGA Convergence exhibitions … hoping for the best. Whew! That’s a load off my mind. Now for Festival du Voyageur which starts on Friday. They’ve invited me to participate in the ‘school program’. I’ll be weaving on a sash that bears striking similarity to an historic… Read more »

January 2010

So January has been extremely busy. Weaving articles promised to diverse individuals Weaving planned for display articles at the local Winter Festival A trip to Victoria BC to present my work to the Weavers there. I was impressed by the size of the group that attended the monthly meeting of the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners…. Read more »

School Residency

The week of Nov 30 – December 4, 2009, I was a guest artist in Heritage Immersion School. I worked with the students, ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, helping them explore a variety of fiber techniques. The youngest were taught simple braiding techniques. A pile of 3 and 4 strand braids were produced. These… Read more »