Category: Sprang Projects

sprang bonnet

A few years back I used some of my single spun wool to make a bonnet. The wool was quite dark in color, and does not photograph well. I’ve since made another bonnet, this time using some commercially spun linen. The pattern is based on a bonnet in the collection of the Danish National Museum… Read more »

more November travels

Munich is the home of Dagmar Drinkler, that famous sprang artist, who has sparked the discussion on tight fitting clothing from antiquity, probably sprang. I had the pleasure of speaking with her again this past November. Thanks, Dagmar, for taking the time.   On to the Textile Museum in Krefeld. They have an amazing collection… Read more »

Bronze Age Sprang Cap

Looking through my stash for something else, I came upon a ball of fine singles handspun wool. Just the thing for a Bronze Age – inspired cap. Examining photos I took last Summer of items in collections in Copenhagen, many appeared to be constructed of a very tightly spun singles. Now, I have a theory…. Read more »