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sprang lace shirt from pre-Columbian times

The past few months I’ve been busy working on a replica of that amazing shirt in the collection of the Arizona State Museum. The idea began with a visit to the Arizona State Museum in April 2014, in the company of cotton spinning instructor Joan Ruane. Joan offered to hand spin the cotton, but… Read more »

Pueblo Inspiration

Inspired by that famous shirt, found near the Tonto Ruins in Arizona (check out, I’ve created a shawl. The material was ‘sock yarn’ hand dyed by Glenna Dean of Abiquiu Dye Studios. It began as an extra long hang of yarn, eight ft in circumference. I asked Glenna to do a special ‘rainbow dye’, that is, to… Read more »

Travels, October 2015

October 2014 was spent in European travels. The impetus for the trip was the invitation to present information on sprang at the Early Textile Study Group conference in London. The topic for this year’s conference was Peter Collingwood. Dagmar Drinkler agreed to present her research on the subject of ‘tight fitting clothing in antiquity’, and… Read more »

pattern updates

Still working on those sprang patterns. I sent out drafts to friends and former students. They’ve given me some great feedback. Presently I’m updating the patterns, making them easier to use, and hope to start posting them soon. Made another pair of sprang gloves, this time with a thumb. Yes, you can make sprang gloves… Read more »

Sprang Patterns

I’m working on a series of sprang patterns. Some people have commented that they need a bit more information than what is in my book. Maybe what people need is something like what has already been done for knitting and crochet, books of patterns for hats, vests, scarves and the like. I’ve gone back to… Read more »

Summer Sprang

My computer has been getting full, making it difficult to download more photos to share with you. OK, I’ve learned that there are solutions. It was a couple of trips back and forth to the computer store, and that excuse for not blogging is now gone. I’ve been busy since April. Let’s see. I made a… Read more »

More travels

I attended a textile conference in Barcelona, the Vth Purpureae Vestes Symposium. It was held in Montserrat, an exquisite site. I collaborated with two other textile experts, and we presented information on replicating a 1st century cap from the collection of the Hotel Bertrand de Chateauroux. The cap was constructed using sprang and tablet weaving. After… Read more »

Spring Sprang Workshops

Winter is getting to be rather long here in Winnipeg. The snow is up to my waist. It’s been difficult to keep up with the shovelling, and then the snowplows pass by and completely block off access to the street. Yes, it’s time to go South. Weather in New Mexico was very mild by Manitoba standards…. Read more »