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Finishing the shirt

The large flat warp seemed to need side panels, to transform it into a shirt. I created the side panels together, side by side. The two panels were ‘cut apart’ by removing a single thread. Well, actually I did not completely remove that thread, I used it to join one side of one of the… Read more »

Another sprang shirt

Presently I am working on another sprang shirt. This one uses medium silk cord from Treenway silks. The motif was inspired by Coptic designs, such as those found on a cap at the Petrie Museum in London. Soon I will begin to create a slit for the neckline. The shirt might also want a pair… Read more »

Alpaca Tunic

I finally finished that tunic. Last December I started a tunic for that Cleveland Museum tunic project. The warp was some alpaca and silk wool from KnitPicks and proved to be quite sticky. Initially it seemed impossible to move the shed around and I abandonned this warp, in favor of a tried-and-true worsted, Mobelatta from… Read more »

Funky shapes

Participating with a local arts group, I’ve been experimenting using different materials, making sprang ‘bags’. A local bead store sells a fine, supple wire. When I apply flat-warp sprang bag-making techniques, a free-standing structure appears. As with many things, the secret is in the right materials and a sturdy frame. There’s lots of potential here…. Read more »

sprang frame reflections

Last weekend the town of St Pierre Jolys hosted their annual ‘sugaring off festival’. Now, I won’t go into that rant about the weather, how it’s the middle of April, and we still have over a foot of snow on the ground, and more coming. The maple trees need above-freezing weather by day and below-freezing… Read more »

Tunic revisited

Seriously in withdrawal from that replica project, I’ve felt the need to immerse myself in something else. I pulled out that warp I abandoned in December. Working to produce a “Wari art inspired tunic” for the Cleveland Museum of Art, I initially selected a lace weight alpaca and silk blend from Knit Picks. A whole… Read more »

Replica finish

The replica sash is all done. It’s as close as possible to the sash passed from General Braddock Sash to George Washington. I’ll be delivering it to George Washington’s Mount Vernon in early June 2013. On the way, I’ll stop at the Annual Weaving History Conference in Clayton, New York, May 18-19. I’ll also be… Read more »

Sash fringe finish

Sprang sashes are very elastic. How to finish off an elastic cloth can present a challenge. Historic military sprang sashes are gathered together before the fringe. This is the only point in the sash to have a weft. I reserved some of the same thread when I set up the warp. Several lengths of this… Read more »