Festival 2012

I set up my 4-harness loom for this year’s Festival. We’re commemorating the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Selkirk Settlers. They attempted to build an income spinning the hair of bison and weaving it into cloth. The local weavers guild agreed to help me weave brown cloth. I set up my loom. Meanwhile… Read more »

No Frame Sprang

I’ve worked sprang without a loom, trying different methods. Well, to begin, here are two frames that I like for the ease of construction and minimal cost. The first is very like an Archie Brennan frame. It’s plumbing pipe, elbows, threaded rod and nuts. At the hardware store, if you ask for half-inch pipe, also… Read more »

Sprang Rainbow Sweater

A moment of weakness in a local yarn shop had me purchasing a skein of lace weight silk&baby camel. Marrakesh is the name on the skein, Swiss Mountain Silk. I’ve made it up into two of scarfs for exhibit purposes. I still had quite a bit of yarn left and did some math. Calculations indicated… Read more »

sprang frame

A student brought a frame to class. I like it a lot. I got my son to make me such a frame and find it sturdy as well as flexible. For longer projects I can just get longer dowels.

January Experiments

I recently finished up another of those silk officer sashes. I’ve been experimenting with different types of silk. Reeled silk is best because the fibers are nice and long. I’ve found that silk cording gives a better look, and probably better wear. Original silk sashes that I have examined seem to be composed of several… Read more »

End of the year projects

Been working on a variety of projects. Made a couple of variations of an intertwined bag. Now these bags are sprang bags. They come from a figure-8 warp, the join line is the bottom of the bag. They were worked in intertwining rather than interlinking. Not as stretchy as interlinking but attractive in their own… Read more »

Canadian Amazon

My books are now available on Amazon.ca. They’ve been available through the.com version of Amazon for a while now, but Canadians looked for them on the .ca version of Amazon, hoping for domestic shipping, and so far have been dissapointed. No More! Fingerweaving Untangled and Le Fléché Démêlé are now available on amazon.ca. 🙂

sprang neckscarf

Working on some items to display in a local yarn store, using yarn from their shelves. I am reminded of another reason I love sprang. When I knit with a rainbow skein, the colors tend to muddle if I’m not careful. With circular warp sprang, the colors are as lovely in the finished article as… Read more »