sprang sweaters

I’ve made a variety of sprang sweaters (child size). Using cheap cotton, the type you use to knit dishrags, the same number of threads and always using the same frame, I’ve been exploring different patterns. Clearly different patterns have different amounts of lateral stretch. The moral of the story is (as in knitting) always, always… Read more »

more sprang socks

I’ve been trying a few more variations of the sprang sock. Here’s a straight tube sock. It was made from a figure-8 warp, two rectangles worked at the same time. Cut apart, you get two socks for the work of making one … well, you have to do the finishing on the socks separately, gather… Read more »

Visit with the People of Red River

The annual Visit with the People of Red River was held yesterday at the Musée de St Boniface. Twelve stations of activities were available. Students made a rotatation through six activities, twenty minutes each during their half-day at the Musée. My activity has always given students a basic understanding of weaving, and fingerweaving in particular…. Read more »

Sprang book

It’s almost ready. I’ve been working for two years now, putting together a how-to manuel on ‘sprang’. Following the same style as Fingerweaving Untangled, this book assumes no previous knowledge. This past week I received another draft back from the layout people. This one is very close to a printable version. Looking around my workroom,… Read more »

Festival du Voyageur 2011

It’s that time of year again. I can be found with my SashWeaving in the Souvenir tent, alongside the Habitat for Humanity run Official Souvenir desk. The thing I love about Festival is seeing all the sashes. Every year it gets better. People are making their own, and wearing them. This woman took a one-hour… Read more »

exploring sprang

These last few months I’ve been busy exploring sprang. I went through Peter Collingwood’s book, trying several of the patterns. Here’s a ‘sampler’ I made, using a dozen:   I also explored a 3-D piece, using jute around a wire frame. Still working on that how-to book on sprang. Re-organized a whole whack of it,… Read more »

Sock 2

Trying another method for a pair of socks using sprang. Here are the socks: How did I do this? I figured I’d measure out a warp with extra length in the strings that would be the sole of the foot, and more importantly, the heel. I thought I’d just have two passes each time I… Read more »

simple color patterns

Today’s challenge: some simple color patterns. I started with a vertical stripe, and then recorded how to get the colors to move sideways, get them to mix at the middle, and then how to get them to ‘un-mix’.