Peter the Great owned a sprang sash

Susan Foulkes is an amazing textile artist, teacher and researcher. In her blog she records things she sees on her travels. Her most recent post on tells of her trip through the Baltics, and St Peterstburg in particular. She includes a photo of the 1709 uniform of Peter the Great, and a closeup of… Read more »

Sticky warp solution

I always learn things from my students. Today Janet taught me about dealing with sticky warps. She is exploring the circular warp technique, and set on a warp using her very own handspun. All by herself she came up with a great technique. I had recommended spacing the threads out sideways. She decided to take… Read more »

California 2017

Here I am back in California in February. I started out at the Lacis Museum of Lace in Berkeley. I hung out there for two days, teaching. I then travelled to Aptos, where I met with the Santa Cruz Handweavers. Some of the students from last year wanted more. Some were new to finger weaving… Read more »

Travels, Oct-Nov 2016

I attended the Textile Society of America conference in Savannah, Georgia. The weather was warm, many interesting people, lots of information presented. Papers presented at the TSA conference will be published on-line at the University of Nebraska Press site in early 2017. Then off to Berlin, Germany. I was invited to come and participate in… Read more »

New Vest

Working on a new vest. A friend allowed me access to her stash, two boxes of yarn skeins, a pallet, varying from green to red. I set the yarn on my frame, false-circular warp, and the colors blend nicely, one into the other. And here it is, partially done. I worked in some twined stitching,… Read more »

New editions

Since arriving back home from my travels, I’ve hunkered down to have a close look at Sprang Unsprung. My students over the past 4 years have taught me a great deal. I’ve decided that some of the instructions, while technically correct, offer way too much information, and could do with simplification. The 2000 copies printed… Read more »

New Zealand

So, I’m here in New Zealand. I’ve toured around a bit. Beautiful country. Mountains, valleys, and seaside. Some Kiwis are quite serious about their chocolate. I happened upon a shop that claimed to be the Global Home of Chocolate Therapy … they did indeed have some excellent chocolate inside. I saw the place where they… Read more »

February 2015

The Red River is frozen solid, and as usual the plows have cleared a track, so people can skate on the river. But I’m in California. At the invitation of Jules Kliot, I taught a sprang class at the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley, California. The weather was markedly different from what… Read more »