School Residency

The week of Nov 30 – December 4, 2009, I was a guest artist in Heritage Immersion School. I worked with the students, ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, helping them explore a variety of fiber techniques. The youngest were taught simple braiding techniques. A pile of 3 and 4 strand braids were produced. These… Read more »

November Sprang

I’ve finished up an order for a spranged sergeant’s sash. and here’s a close-up of the fringes

Fingerweaving Videos

Here are some short videos, showing you how fingerweaving is done. This is the very basic method for the voyageur ceinture fléché, adopted by the Métis as their arrow and lightning sash. If you can do it with eight strings, you then can do it with 24, with 50, or with 100 strings. [youtube=] [youtube=]… Read more »

fingerweaving video instructions

I made a video with my digital camera, filming the beginner’s method. It was previewed by Social Studies teachers at the Winnipeg teacher inservice sessions, upgraded, and then played at the ManitoAhbee festival. My web person now tells me that the video is now on youtube, alongside my ‘advanced fingerweaving’ video. There are three new… Read more »

SashWeaving Square Dance

The World Premiere SashWeaving Square Dance was held on Saturday, Nov 7, and deemed an immediate success. A sash was created and presented. The 8 strands I had spun together worked just fine … although a bit worn from the practice, unweaving, practice, and re-weaving. The wool was rather soft. Next time I’ll recommend we… Read more »

ManitoAhbee, Metis Sashmaking workshop

The education component of the ManitoAhbee festival included me and my sashmaking workshop. Three mornings this week I offered a three-part presentation: 1) images of metis sashes and some of their stories. 2) how sashes are made, overview of loom weaving and sashweaving. 3) audience participation, two activities to instruct and permit students to leave… Read more »

Canadian History on the BBC

In the summer of 2008 I was interviewed by Ray Mears, part of a series on Canadian History. Ray had been recommended to me by Dr Katherine Pettipas, curator at the Manitoba Museum. Ray Mears interviewed me on the subject of fingerwoven sashes, the sort of thing worn by personnel of the transportation industry in… Read more »

Square Dance Cording

We’re in the last stages of preparing that World Premiere of the SashWeaving Square Dance. The latest challenge has been finding a cord that is both supple and thick enough to be seen from across the hall. Rope of the right size is too stiff. What I finally came up with is the idea to… Read more »