Silkster Gallery

I visited Treenway Silk while in the Victoria area this summer. Figuring I was needing some silk, I decided to stop in and purchase it in person, avoiding shipping fees. A quick thought before I left home, I decided to bring along some of my pieces to show them what I can do with their… Read more »

Teacher Inservice etc

October is a busy month. I’ve been weaving away, finishing up a commission sash, a year of work: And then on to a pair of custom leg ties. October is the month that teachers have their big inservice day. I attended the sessions for social studies teachers, instructing them on the basics of fingerweaving. I’ve… Read more »

SashWeaving Square Dance

Several years ago I was asked to develop an activity for students, giving an experience of fingerweaving to a group of 10 to 20 students at a time, the session lasting only 20 minutes. I came up with the idea of ‘the fingerweaving dance’. I attach strings overhead and place numbers on the floor, one… Read more »

More from Korea

OK, some more photos from Korea. I took advantage of an offer from the Canadian Craft Federation, a tour offered by MimiHolidaysInc … excellent service. We were met at the airport and escorted to our hotel in downtown Seoul. The hotel was right in the middle of the historic district, between the two major palaces,… Read more »

Korea trip

Just got back from my two weeks in Seoul and Cheongju Korea. How to describe the trip! OK, a photo or two The palaces the countryside the Cheongju International Craft Biennale Featured here is our excellent tour guide, Joy, the potters (artists who created the installation in the background) David Hayashida and Linda Yates, and… Read more »

September plans

So, what am I doing right now? I’m finishing up on several projects begun earlier and begging for a finish. Some samples to be sent off, and a sash commission that’s almost complete. I’m thinking of the next ‘seamless garment’ and a shawl in the colors of the Albuquerque Convergence. I’m also getting ready for… Read more »

Fan mail

From time to time I receive feed-back from individuals who have read my book. This one really touched my heart. Not only did these young adults master the technique within a single Summer, they’re promoting fingerweaving from ‘officialdom’, their Natural Heritage Education Program. Once again, hope for fingerweaving to live on. A huge THANK YOU… Read more »

French Translation

My book, Fingerweaving Untangled, has now been translated into French. I met Lorraine Forbes at Festival one year. She saw me fingerweaving and came over to chat. She had tried unsuccessfully to learn from various books in the library and was pleased to finally meet someone who had cracked the technique. On the way home,… Read more »