Korean tour

So, last Winter I kept getting e-mails, requesting submissions to the Canadian Craft Federation, for an international exhibit. I figured, what the hey. The theme was ‘Unity and Diversity’ and this is a thread that frequently works through my weavings. So I submitted a piece that was a collaborative effort: my son the woodcarver, created… Read more »

West Coast visit

A good friend of mine invited me to come for a visit. How could I refuse. After two weeks of Folklorama I’m always ready for a good rest. Since it’s rained almost every day in Winnipeg so far this Summer, sunny British Columbia sounded like a lovely idea (the weather is usually reversed, rainy in… Read more »

August Projects

I’ve been quite busy, demonstrating fingerweaving at Folklorama, the Métis Pavillion during week 1, and the Pavillon Canadien-Français during week 2. Thanks to all the former-students who helped out. In other news, I’ve finally finished that seamless garment dress As well, I finally finished that wool carpet that’s been on my loom for way too… Read more »

Folklorama the first week 2009

Once again the folks of the Métis Pavilion invited me to promote fingerweaving, the technique used to construct some of the original Métis sashes. I am grateful to former-students who assisted me. We encouraged visitors to try their hand at fingerweaving, a do-it-yourself friendship bracelet. Approx 300 bracelets were produced over the week. Many thanks… Read more »

Le Fléché Démêlé

Le livre Le Fléché Démêlé est maintenant disponible. C’est un manuel de 64 pages pour débutants, illustré en couleur comprenant des modèles détaillés et une explication des erreurs les plus fréquentes. ISBN 978-0-9784695-1-1 Prix $19.95 + livraison Contacter l’auteur Carol James carol@sashweaver.ca

Bulls Eye

Some weavers have asked about the bulls eye. Perhaps a bit more information is required. Personally I do not start out with a bulls eye. (It was a local weavers group who insisted that the ‘right way’ to weave was to begin with a bulls eye.) I have been making my way through museum collections,… Read more »

Quetico Experience

July 12 to 25 I was in Quetico Park, near Atikokan, Ontario. In a beautiful pristine wilderness, I had part of a studio, and my own tent, and two weeks to weave. Some of the sights: While there I was to weave a ‘Quetico Sash’. I had already worked out the color and patterns ahead… Read more »

July Residency

I’ll be Artist in Residence in Quetico Park July 12-25. Working with park staff I’ve agreed to weave a ‘Quetico Sash’ while there. Based on the Quetico logo, there’s a pattern that’s been rattling around in my head ever since visiting this beautiful wilderness last Summer. For now I’m playing with colors. I need to… Read more »