Weaving error 2

I have been noticing a small spot of color in the ‘wrong’ place in sashes, and have finally put two and two together to see a rather elegant solution to a common problem: The arrow and lightning pattern requires the weaver to count and regularly change the weft across the face of the sash. A… Read more »

Weaving Help

So, I finished up my travels, and am wanting to share with you some of the insights gained. Examining sashes closely, human error is in evidence. What I am wanting to disseminate is a sense of hope: very skilled weavers of the past have done this before me. Because errors are in evidence in museum… Read more »


Buffalo, it seems, is very near to Niagara Falls. Some of my friends and I decided to take a bit of a sightseeing excursion on Saturday afternoon and made it to the Falls, both US and Canadian views. And then from the Canadian side:

Society for the Arts in Healthcare Poster presented in Buffalo

  The whole purpose of this trip was to attend this conference. I contributed a poster, which told the story of my recent Heritage Weaving Project in the Atrium of the St Boniface General Hospital: Braiding and Weaving relaxing, creative, meditative Introduction “Spinning and Weaving are the highest forms of Meditation” Mahatma Ghandhi The project… Read more »

Royal Ontario Museum

        Tuesday, April 21 I was privileged to examine sashes in the collection of the Royal Ontario Museum. In all I looked at nine fingerwoven sashes and two sprang sashes. Amazing pieces all. How to put into words all the things I saw is a challenge right now. I will make this… Read more »

Toronto Visit

So, April 20, here I am in Toronto.     I was scheduled to examine sashes at the Canadian Textile Museum at 11. This gave me time after breakfast to check out Romni Wools … yes, there is a reason that Ontario weavers and fiber artists rave about this store. What an amazing collection of… Read more »

April travel

The Society for the Arts in Healthcare is holding its annual conference in Buffalo, NY, April 22-25, and I’m going. While in the Great Lakes area, I’ll be visiting sites and museums connected with sashes. On the list are Monday April 20, Canadian Textile Museum and the Canadian Canoe Museum. Tuesday April 21, the Royal… Read more »

Spring break

The last week of March was Spring Break for local teenagers. I took the opportunity to drive to visit family and sights in Nebraska. Two hours out of Winnipeg we encountered the floodwaters of the Red River in North Dakota. Traffic along Interstate 29 in North Dakota Arriving in Omaha we checked out the new… Read more »