January 2009

December was spent on a list of personal and family projects. I worked on some woven rugs I promised myself long ago. I am finishing a sweater I promised my husband a while back. And I dabbled in twining and tablet weaving. January 2009 has been jam-packed with activity. For those of you eager for… Read more »

Seamless weaving

I’ve been wanting to try something more than straight long pieces with this fingerweaving. To this end, I borrowed my daughter’s dressform, measured out lengths of wool, laid them over the shoulders and started weaving. VoilĂ  the end result! A seamless garment! No shoulder seams, no sideseams. Next time, I’ll start with longer lengths so… Read more »

Sprang again

That bit of sprang that I started for the Viking Weekend in July 2008 has been sitting there, calling to me. So I finally finished it. Having learned from this experience, I’d do the next one a bit differently. The tablet woven band was wider where I left the weft for the sprang, and tightened… Read more »

November report

Trying to demonstrate the variety possible in this arrow sash genre, I began playing with acrylic yarn, and created several short pieces. Calling them neckscarfs, I’ve been selling them locally, encouraging folks to ‘design your own sash’. I was invited to the Canada Revenue Tax Center yesterday for their Aboriginal Awareness Day. I put up… Read more »

Handweavers Guild Review

This from the Handweavers Guild of America publication, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Fall 2008, a review of my book: Fingerweaving Untangled, by Carol James. Self-published, 140, 4u3 Notre Dame, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 0C1, Canada. 2008. Soft cover. 64 pages. $19.95 Described as “an illustrated beginner’s guide including detailed patterns and common mistakes,” this book is… Read more »

more book reviews

Published inBraid Society Newsletter June 2008 Carol is a weaver. teacher and researcher of the Sash, which is woven by the technique of Fingerweaving or Free End Braiding. The equipment needed is minimal, just a few sticks, some masking tape, and a fixing point- oh! and some nimble fingers. Any smooth yarn can be used,… Read more »

November Site Updates

Carol’s apearance as CBC’s Unsung Hero of the Week has finally been posted in the ‘About the Artist’ section. Also, under ‘Sprang Weaving’, there are three new patterened sprang sash and under ‘Finger Weaving’, a new beaded sash. Finally, I’ve compiled a ‘Links’ section. With this update, there are officially no longer any blank pages… Read more »

NAVC Fall Gathering

I attended the North American Voyageur Council Fall Gathering last weekend, Nov 6-9, at Ft William, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Had a lovely time. Gave a fingerweaving workshop. Once again, folks who long ago decided they can’t fingerweave, just plain didn’t have me for a teacher. Some of the sessions were held in Grand Portage,… Read more »