More travels

I attended a textile conference in Barcelona, the Vth Purpureae Vestes Symposium. It was held in Montserrat, an exquisite site. I collaborated with two other textile experts, and we presented information on replicating a 1st century cap from the collection of the Hotel Bertrand de Chateauroux. The cap was constructed using sprang and tablet weaving. After… Read more »

Belgian spring

My flight to Belgium stopped over in Montreal. They were having a snowstorm, and I worried that the plane would not be able to take off. Not to worry, we arrived on time in Brussels. I taught two sprang workshops in Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor. Some of the participants had taken my finger weaving workshop last fall. They brought… Read more »

Spring Sprang Workshops

Winter is getting to be rather long here in Winnipeg. The snow is up to my waist. It’s been difficult to keep up with the shovelling, and then the snowplows pass by and completely block off access to the street. Yes, it’s time to go South. Weather in New Mexico was very mild by Manitoba standards…. Read more »

Norwegian Sashes

January was spent in creating two replica sashes for the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum. The sashes needed to be a tight weave. I found this was possible only with a loose warp, pushing each row firmly into the previous. Kind of tricky, the secret is to prevent loosening with the next row’s construction. Also tricky… Read more »

Holiday ‘sprang-ing’

My project for this holiday season is a bit of ‘clear out the stash before the new year’. I’ve selected a project that was planned in the Summer of 2012. I had access (thanks to Glenna) to industrial amounts of white sock yarn. Planning a garment of a size to fit me, I measured out… Read more »

more November travels

Munich is the home of Dagmar Drinkler, that famous sprang artist, who has sparked the discussion on tight fitting clothing from antiquity, probably sprang. I had the pleasure of speaking with her again this past November. Thanks, Dagmar, for taking the time.   On to the Textile Museum in Krefeld. They have an amazing collection… Read more »

France and the Netherlands

Back in Lyon, staying with my friend, I tried to keep up with my daily walk. There are the remains of a Roman amphitheatre near her house. In my spare time I’ve been working on writing out patterns for some of the hundreds of sprang lace motifs that I saw in Brussels. I taught a… Read more »

FingerWeaving Class in Sint-Job-In-‘t-Goor

Very near Antwerp is the village of Sint-Job-In-‘t-Goor. That’s where I held a class in finger weaving recently. The organiser provided these wooden stands, clamped to the table top to hold the samples. The students were eager, and explored diverse motifs. At the end of the day some of the students had samples of both… Read more »