Lace patterns

I’ve been looking at sprang lace in European collections. The Petrie Museum in London had a spectacular bonnet. Today I was at the Royal Museum of History and Art in Brussels. I was honoured to be permitted to examine a collection of sprang samples made between 1798 and 1830, now in the care of this… Read more »

October Travels

Yes, I’m travelling again. Now a member of the ancient textile society associated with the Textile Museum in Lyon, France, aka CIETA, I decided to attend their biennial conference. The conference coincided with the opening of an amazing exhibit at the museum, Antinoé à la vie, à la mode. The exhibit included almost incredible pieces… Read more »

Bronze Age Sprang Cap

Looking through my stash for something else, I came upon a ball of fine singles handspun wool. Just the thing for a Bronze Age – inspired cap. Examining photos I took last Summer of items in collections in Copenhagen, many appeared to be constructed of a very tightly spun singles. Now, I have a theory…. Read more »

Sprang Pants: Version #2

This is how I did it. Inspired by the work of Dagmar Drinkler, I made a pair of sprang pants. Difficulties encountered had me reflecting on how I could do things differently, and this meant making a second pair of pants. The difficulties centered around three major problems: 1) My technique in adding those extra… Read more »

Summer Weaving 2013

I’ve created a number of military sashes this summer. The sashes with the colored stripe are wool NCO (non-commissioned officer) sashes, and were typical in the British army in the 1700s and into the early 1800s. The solid colored red sash is silk officer’s sash. At least one of my sashes saw some action this… Read more »

Sprang Pants

Inspired by the work of Dagmar Drinkler ( I’m setting out to make a pair of sprang pants.   This is the inspiration, I’m wanting vertical stripes, and then some fancier pattern starting mid-thigh. Here’s a schema outlining my plan: Work starts at the ankles, and progesses towards the hips. Somewhere mid-thigh, according to Medieval portraits,… Read more »

Olds College

I had the honor of teaching sprang at Olds College last weekend. Students explored flat warp one day, and circular warp the next.   The initial project finished, participants had time to set up another project and explore a bit more. They were all of them great students! Olds College is a very pleasant setting…. Read more »

Fancy Pockets

I’ve examined the photos of those amazing pockets, in the collection of Colonial Williamsburg. I’ve been working to map out the pattern. The big clue to the pattern is the position of the holes. I copied them out on graph paper, and then derived the sprang pattern from this grid. and the piece derived from… Read more »