Lynn Lake Visit

A while back I accepted an invitation to visit Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Check it out on Google Maps. It’s as far North as the summer roads take you. Lovely country, clean air, bright blue skies. It’s mid-March but Winter still has a firm grip. Someone said that the wind chill today was -40. Yes, it’s… Read more »

Numbers are my friends

I am finding that numbers are my friends. The only way to prevent mistakes is to count stitches, and re-count after every row of work. Now, generally, when I get to working, my mind sometimes drifts. Counting more than, say, 20, I am never 100% confident that my count is Really correct. I experimented with… Read more »

Over the top

Work on the sash replica continues. The length of cloth is now such that I’m ‘over the top’. The first few feet of the sash were worked on the ‘front’ of the frame. Each time I worked a row, the new shed was pushed down, around the bottom, up the back of the frame, and… Read more »

One third of the way done

Progress is slow, but steady on the sprang sash. Here is where I am. The date is now on the sash. A reporter for the local French language newspaper stopped by to interview me. Her camera is also a video camera. She shot a short youtube video. For those who do not speak French, I… Read more »

Sprang Tension

Tension in sprang is always a question. How tight should I keep my warp? Too tight and it is hard to get your hands in there to work, and strings break. Too loose and it becomes impossible to move the row just worked to the mirror image portion of the cloth. I am finding that… Read more »

Sash Progress

My sash replica project is progressing. A stick holding the cloth spread out goes a long way to prevent errors and it also has made it easier to push each row around for the mirror-image row. I am amazed at the ‘hand’ of the cloth I’m producing. It is soft and luxurious. I’m going to… Read more »

Festival Weaving

The annual Winnipeg winter celebration, Festival du Voyageur is in full swing. Again this year Manitoba weavers are present, contributing to the history component of the festival. We’re weaving tea towels this year. Several weavers have taken their place at the loom. The fingerweavers were also there. As far as that sprang sash, the Braddock… Read more »

Sprang warp equality

Circular warp sprang requires a very even warp. Slight variations in tension while setting up results in slight differences in length. This warp is 15 ft long, and took almost six hours to set up. Slight variations occurred. We did take a couple of breaks for tea. I also noted weaknesses in the yarn, and… Read more »